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Mask Bendito Loiro (300g)

Mask Bendito Loiro (300g)

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Indication: for bleached hair

Provides deep regenerative treatment for blonde hair and restores hair from damages caused by the bleaching process.

  • Ideal for recovering bleached hair;
  • The line has anti-breakage and anti-porosity action, protecting the hair from future damages;
  • Its formulation contains a complex of proteins and balsamic vinegar that together promote intensive hair regeneration, replenishing the protein mass in the strands.

Scent: floral fruity


pH 3.8

paraben-free | dye-free

low poo

Step of the hair care schedule: reconstruction

How to use: after washing the hair, apply the mask strand by strand, from the length to the ends. Massage and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes. If desired, use a thermal cap. Then rinse, removing all the cream residue from the hair. Enhance the results by using the entire Bendito Loiro line.

Our seals:

"Eco-Recycle Seal"

Our commitment is to a more sustainable future, and one of our responsibilities is to reduce the environmental impact caused by waste production. The "Eco-Recycle Seal" guarantees that the amount of packaging we introduce into the market will be equivalent to the amount of packaging that will be recycled by the company Eu Reciclo.

"Vegan Certified Seal"

This is the official seal of the Brazilian Veganism Association that ensures products are vegan. Most of our products are vegan and will display this official certification seal on their packaging.

"PETA - Animal Test-Free Seal"

Throughout our journey, Haskell has never conducted tests on animals and condemns any cruelty against them. The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) seal is a guarantee that our products, as well as the ingredients they contain, have not been tested on animals at any stage of development, neither by the industry nor by the suppliers.

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