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Conditioner Murumuru (300ml)

Conditioner Murumuru (300ml)

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Indication: For very dry hair

Promotes cuticle sealing, as well as conditioning the hair, leaving it soft and nourished.

  • Developed to intensely nourish dry and lifeless hair;
  • This line acts deeply on the hair fiber, filling in fissures and aligning the cuticles;
  • The Murumuru Butter active, combined with a concentrated formulation, restores dehydrated and nutrient-depleted hair, bringing back shine, elasticity, and vitality to the strands.

Fragrance notes: oriental, fruity, woody, ambery.


pH 3.5

paraben-free | dye-free

low poo (low in harsh surfactants)

How to use: after washing the hair, apply the conditioner evenly from the length to the ends. Massage gently and leave it on for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly. The use of conditioner is also recommended after treatment masks to promote better cuticle sealing. Maximize results by using the complete Murumuru line.

Our Seals:

"Eco-Recycle Seal"

Our commitment is to a more sustainable future, and one of our responsibilities is to reduce the environmental impact caused by waste production. The "Eco-Recycle Seal" guarantees that the amount of packaging we introduce into the market will be equivalent to the amount of packaging that will be recycled by the company Eu Reciclo.

"Vegan Certified Seal"

This is the official seal of the Brazilian Veganism Association that ensures products are vegan. Most of our products are vegan and will display this official certification seal from the Brazilian Veganism Association.

"Free of Tests, Full of Love Seal"

Throughout our journey, Haskell has never conducted tests on animals and condemns any cruelty against them. This proprietary seal represents our respect for animal causes.

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