Become a Haskell NYC retailer!

Join us as a reseller of Haskell cosmetics in the United States and enjoy a host of benefits:


1. Genuine Products: Gain access to authentic Haskell products directly from the source, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


2. Exclusive Support: Receive dedicated support from our team to assist you with inquiries, product information, and any other needs.


3. Marketing Materials: Access a variety of marketing materials, both physical and digital, to effectively promote and showcase Haskell products in your store.


4. In-store Promotions: Benefit from our promotional assistance in your store, creating an engaging shopping experience for your customers.


5. Product Knowledge: Receive comprehensive training on Haskell products to provide expert recommendations to your customers.


6. Reputable Brand: Partner with a well-known brand that is synonymous with quality and effective hair care solution.


7. Expanding Customer Base: Attract new customers with the allure of Haskell's exceptional products and innovative treatments.


8. Competitive Pricing: Enjoy competitive pricing options, allowing you to maximize profits and offer value to your customers.


9. Stay Updated: Be informed about the latest product launches, industry trends, and promotions to keep your store current and appealing.


10. Special Offers: Take advantage of exclusive promotions and deals to drive sales and excite your customers.


Join the Haskell NYC family and elevate your business! Contact us now to become a Haskell retailer.

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